Nowadays, women have to face a lot of pressure from family and work. At the same time, women demonstrate different roles, apart from daughter, mother, colleague and friend, most of the time they are the caregiver in a family. It is not easy to take up different roles. Other than physical health, mental health should not be neglected. According to the local research, one out of six individual may suffer from various degree of mental illnesses. Hence, early identification and intervention can greatly improve mental health of an individual, living a beautiful and happy life for oneself.

Project introduction

This project fully funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, is the first mental health project tailor-made for women. This project aim at helping women to identify emotional and mental needs, providing early intervention and referrals.

This project includes: individual consultation, group activities, classes and public talks. Integrating services, scientific research and public education as a whole, and all the fee are fully sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. We hope that the general public are more aware of the mental health needs of women, early identify the negative impacts of mental problems on individual and societal levels, improve women's mental health, to live a happy life.

Service target

This project target at women aged from 18 to 64, to fill in a mental wellness screening test. Our well-trained staff will provide further assessment and services to women in need.

If you know women that may face emotional or mental health problems, and hoping to find a better way to deal with it, you are encouraged to ask her to fill in our screening test, or you could directly contact us.

Service content

  • Provide free mental wellness screening
  • After assessment, providing individual consultation and early intervention for women in need
  • Provide referral services for women with different mental health needs
  • Conduct university survey, analyze service outcomes
  • Conduct various public health education activities, enhance the knowledge of public and frontline workers on women’s mental health